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Attention Golfers that Run, or, Runners that Golf- Esmeralda Golf Course is introducing the sport of Speedgolf to the Spokane Area.  If you’re tired of having to choose between working out and playing golf, then Speedgolf might be for you.  Speedgolf is just like it sounds, playing regular golf as fast as you can.  Your score is determined by combining your time for running the course with the score you shoot.  Official Speedgolf Rules, as outlined at speedgolfinternational.com you are permitted to have up to seven clubs but Rex Schultz, pro at Esmeralda, has had good luck using just four [...]
Sun, Oct 12, 2014
Source: Chipshots News
Here are the final results of the two day IEPGA Chapter Championships held on Monday, September 22 and Tuesday, September 23 at The Creek at Qualchan and Indian Canyon.Professional Gross: 1. Russell Grove of Avondale (138) 2. Derek Siesser of Qualchan (141) 3. David Nuhn of Univ of ID (141) 4. Mark Gardner of Qualchan (142) 5. Brent Walsch of Cd’A Golf Club (143) Professional Net: 1. Travis Huskisson of Esmeralda (136) 2. Doug Off of Spokane CC (137) 3. Matt Fredrickson of Circling Raven (139) Click here for the full results. Be sure to join the IEPGA at their next event on October 13 at Pinehurst for [...]
Wed, Sep 24, 2014
Source: Chipshots News